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MA location for sandblast/paint hot water cast iron rad?

Tim SmithTim Smith Member Posts: 7
You might have already tried this, but if you go to Google maps and enter a type of business and a zip code, you will get local results. For example, you can just enter "Powdercoating 01234".


  • LAKLAK Member Posts: 4
    Seeking MA location for sandblast/paint hot water cast iron rad


    Any north of Boston, MA locations that anyone can point me to for this type of service?

    I have a hot water cast iron (ornate) radiator that I'd like to get sandblasted/primed and powdercoat or painted. The system has to be drained to fix a leak, so it'll possible to have the radiator taken to a place that can perform the sandblast/paint work.

    Thanks in advance!
  • kpckpc Member Posts: 37
    call an..

    local auto body place. Also you could try a pressure washer w/ a fine tip.
  • LAKLAK Member Posts: 4
    Will an auto body place think I'm nuts?

    Thanks kpc.

    If I telephone a local auto body place and tell them I want them to sandblast and paint a home radiator, will they think I'm nuts?

    OK, so I'm a little afraid of looking like a nut. :-) But I'm willing to look like one to have it done cleanly.
  • ChowdaheadChowdahead Member Posts: 56
    Sand blasting

    we send are radiattor to a sandblasting comapany in Oxford Ma. Once completed we go down to Webster for the finish
    If you need names and address email me
  • PhilPhil Member Posts: 172

    I've had great results with Central Mass Powder Coating in Clinton (okay it's more west than north of Boston). They should be able to handle most any job of this nature.
  • Dan GoodridgeDan Goodridge Member Posts: 62

    Try Preprite in Tewksbury

    495 Woburn St

    Tewksbury, MA 01876-3434 978)453-0006
  • George J.George J. Member Posts: 25

    Radical radiators in Everett. Talk to Joel. 617-733-7163. He does that.

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  • LAKLAK Member Posts: 4

    Ya know, Radical Radiators was the first place I tried, because I had saved a clipping from the Boston Globe about them. I left a phone message and sent email, but didn't get a response back.
  • LAKLAK Member Posts: 4

    Nelson, that is a very nifty trick about Google maps and the business/zip code. It works pretty well--I'm going to remember that.
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