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Digital Combustion Analyzers

AlAl Member Posts: 170
I'm looking into purchasing a digital combustion analyzer. The two that seem to be most popular are Bacharach and UEI. Can you guys recommend one or the other, or something else?


  • polyj79polyj79 Member Posts: 8
    Redesigning / Piping Heat & Hot

    Years ago with advice from another person, during a renovation project I moved my boiler to a cheap unused spot in my home, which happens to be down the hall from my bedroom. The existing system is noisy and most of all it short cycles. I now want to pipe it correctly. At the time I piped my Utica DV 100 boiler & Zone One indirect water heater and a 007 through a 1” x 1” x ¾” black pipe manifold. I installed a reducer ¾” x 11/4” for an 11/4” Taco zone valve and back down to ¾” copper back to the indirect. I have three baseboard zones all controlled with a 4-zone controller with priority all with ¾” zones .The longest total loop is about 145 ft. long with about 85 ft. of standard ¾” baseboard. At some time in the future will split that long loop but for now it will have to stay. (I am on a slab and must go under a doorway) the other zone has 20 ft of baseboard and the last zone has 40 ft. of ½” baseboard. I did add a Weil McLain wm-odr outdoor reset control, which helped the short cycling a bit. I am now ready to redesign the system with primary / secondary piping. I picked up the books Pumping Away, Primary Secondary Pumping Made Easy , & Hydronic Radiant Heating , but got lost about 2/3’s the way through the Primary Secondary . I have three drawing one that is of the existing system, one that has the indirect off the primary and one that has the indirect off a secondary. It would be great to have it reviewed by a professional to let me know what is the best way to go under my circumstance, in addition, what changes I need to make. (Missed valves ECT.) I also am wondering what is the best way to control this setup. Please note: My boiler room is on the second floor and very small (8’ x 6’) with a ceiling height sloping 4’ to 7’.
  • polyj79polyj79 Member Posts: 8

    I use a Bacharach PCA 25 and like it very much.
  • MIke_JonasMIke_Jonas Member Posts: 209
    I have a Testo

    Testo Model 330-1. I have the IR printer, I leave a copy with each boiler (staple it to the service report) and print a copy for myself.

    Testo has great customer service. Jim Bergmann is their tech rep. He goes to trade shows, puts on seminars. One very smart guy. I believe they have a combustion manual at their web site you can download.

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  • AlAl Member Posts: 170

    Thanks for the replies.

    What's the deal with the units having to be sent back to the manufacturers to be calibrated? How often does that have to be done? Is there a big advantage to the Bacharach that they send you new sensors instead of sending back to them?
  • Bob FlanaganBob Flanagan Member Posts: 67

    Also check out can call Peter Cullen and get all the info you need from him or email Peter at [email protected]

    The Tech Serv. Dept. at Slant/Fin uses this equipment. Very reliable and the calibration is not a hastle at all.

    Good luck with your search, I am sure that you will not do bad with any of the companies reccomended.

    I have to tell you that anyone installing the new High Efficiency Boilers should have one of these in their truck. These boilers, regardless of the factory settings, have to be set up in the field.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Flanagan
    V.P. Sales
    Slant/Fin Corp.
    Bob Flanagan

    Vice President

    Slant/Fin Corp.
  • bill garnettbill garnett Member Posts: 21

    We represent UEI and they make the Eagle series-very intuitive, easy to change between l.p. and natural gas-the kits come with infra-red printers. They do need annual sensor calibration. I really like the C-125, we use it to set up Knight Boilers in the field, also can take gas pressure readings, comes with 2 k-type thermocouples
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