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Well Mclain vs Burnham

JackJack Member Posts: 19
In the process of having heating contractors over to look into replacing old boiler.

My concern is the suggesting of the Burnham boiler as compared to the Well Mclain super gold.

I am reading nothing but problems with the burnham boilers (quality issue) as compared to the Mclain.

What am I not understanding in either of these two products.


  • Robert O'BrienRobert O'Brien Member Posts: 2,939

    is the least important decision,The installer is the most important.If you want either Burnham or Weil,go for the triple pass models and forget the single pass pin types.
    Crude oil hit $65 today,was below $40 in February.The boiler you buy today will be in service 20+ years,are you willing to bet oil will be as cheap as the last 6 months for the next 20 years?
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  • JackRJackR Member Posts: 125
    Both are decent

    I have been leaning toward Burnham as of late, they are really coming out with some nice equipment. I like the Burnham MPO's for the water oil boilers and the Megasteams for oil Steam.
  • ErichErich Member Posts: 135
    System 2000

    Do you have oil or gas? Look at the System 2000 boiler by Energy Kinetics. The brand of boiler does matter. You should expect a competent installer and a quality boiler. Ask for references. When you sign a contract make sure to include the statement that the boiler shall be installed according to the manufacturers installation manual. A contractor that is not willing to do this should be avoided. As a general rule, high end more efficient boilers are more often installed properly. Ask the contractor if he has attended a manufacturers training class. If he is insulted by this question it may be time to find someone else.
  • tommyoiltommyoil Member Posts: 613
    for the record

    I have come across as many "high end more efficient boilers" butchered into place as conventional boilers so your theory does not apply here. Stupidity/poor workmanship/laziness knows no bounds. ESPECIALLY with System 2K installs. I'd like to see THAT general rule book. I think its in the fiction section at Barnes and Noble. Incompetance is incompetance no matter what the equipment.
  • ErichErich Member Posts: 135
    Correct Installation

    I have to believe that a higher percetage of Viessmann boilers are installed correctly than Brand X boilers. People that pay more for equipment and installation generally have a higher expectation level and more product knowledge.
  • tommyoiltommyoil Member Posts: 613
    Me too

    I'd LIKE to think that also. Unfortunately, reality dictates otherwise.
  • JackJack Member Posts: 19
    Weil McLain vs Burnham

    Thanks for the ideas.

    Listen, I am not looking to have this project done on the cheap. I am looking to have it accomplished professionally by an installer who is competent. In the process of having people over to look into this project, I ask each one if they have ever heard of this web site or for that matter Dan Holohan. Only one that has heard of either this web site or of Dan Holohan.

    If there is a better steam bolier (oil fired) that can accomplish the same thing as a Weil McLain or Burnham, please tell me.

  • I've been quite happy with a Peerless though I would take a close look at the Megasteam if I was considering a replacement.
  • M grallertM grallert Member Posts: 19

    For steam I have always installed WM in the past, After the Mega Steam came out that has been my steamer of choice. It's quite, efficent, and very servicable.
  • AL GregoryAL Gregory Member Posts: 8

    Smith makes a great steam boiler. I cant remember ever replacing a leaking Smith boiler under warranty. Cant say the same about WM or Burnham
  • Al LetellierAl Letellier Member Posts: 402
    Which boiler`

    I have installed several hundred steamers in the last 15 years and always have used Weil.....never an issue or a problem. Burnham Mega Steam is a nice unit but with their record of faulty castings, I would give it a few years before considering that boiler. Even the V8s are failing...four already this year for us. Go Weil and be content.
  • JackRJackR Member Posts: 125
    Go with the Burnham Meagsteam

    I used to use a lot of Weil for steam, I replaced four SGO boilers this year that were less than 10yrs old, all had rot holes above the water line. Do not go with a pin style steam boiler. The Burnham Megasteam is an awesome peice of equipment and is a true steam boiler not to mention the most efficient out there.
  • Al LetellierAl Letellier Member Posts: 402

    maybe so but Viessmann doesn't make a steam boiler.......and someone e-mailed me saying he has replaced 4 SGo boilers recently, all with leaks above the water line......THAT'S NOT THE FAULT OF THE BOILER !!!!!!
    That's lousy maintenance, bad vents and too much fresh water. It can happen to the best of them and those 4 Weils proved it.....don't blame the boiler when it someone else's a human,not a block of iron GEEZZZZZZZ!!
  • ErichErich Member Posts: 135
    Viessmann Does Make Steam Boilers

    Actually Viessmann does make low and high pressure steam boilers. Here is a a link to read about it:
  • Utica

    Gets my vote, they make a great steam boiler with very few problems and great company support. With steam, getting a qualified installer is most important.

    Thanks, Bob Gagnon
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  • Mad DogMad Dog Member Posts: 3,183
    Rocky Marciano versus Joe Louis

    Ali-Frazier...both solid companys. As Robert Said, Installation is everything. Mad Dog

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