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hydro therm KN10

that name makes me cringe


  • johnjohn Posts: 15
    hydro therm KN10

    I have a Hydrotherm KN10 which was installed in Dec 2004 and the vfd and inducer has failed after four years of operation anyone else have any problems with this boiler.
  • jimscoutjimscout Posts: 11

    Most of the early Fan/VFD combos for alot of boiler brands had issues.You might talk to your rep and see if there is any recourse. I know some of those parts get pricey....

  • Used to work on a few electric HydroTherms way back in the 80's. Surprised to see they are still in business...
  • RonRon Posts: 232
    Have two KN-6s

    out there. 3 & 2 years. One set of ignitors on the 3 year old. Nice piece.

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