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The Freedom boiler is the same as the Crown Bimini. They have the Aluminum heat exchanger. We have installed both, as one supplier we deal with sell Crown , another Burnham.
Discussions of heat exchanger material aside, I like them. They are easy to wire, easy to service, and run well. I especially like the concentric venting for a through the roof application- it is a very nice finished look.

My dealing with Crown have been nothing but pleasant, and so I have no reservations about buying their boilers. We also replaced several Burnham V7s under Warranty, and I was impressed that they quickly supplied new Blocks as needed, and paid the installation bills within 30 days. I think that speaks volumes for what type of company they are.


  • Crown Condensing Boiler

    And Burhham Alpine look a lot alike, are they made by the same manufacturer? Also I came upon a job with both swing and spring checks. Should I take out the spring checks due to restriction?

  • JackRJackR Posts: 125

    I have used a few Alpine's and I really like them, they are not the same as a Crown, Both the Freedom and CHG models by Burnham are Aluminum and similar to Crown, the Alpine is stainless steel which I do not believe crown has.
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