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"The day will never come *for some people* when the way someone looks isn't really an indicator of their professional merit"

There, fixed that for you.

sure, it matters on a pragmatic level, because people judge each other on stuff that doesn't matter. That doesn't mean it's right to perpetuate the issue. That means I can recognize that it closes doors but I don't have to agree with the ones closing the doors. Since I was still helping people find the heating solutions they needed when I was a "skater punk"... and never lost a sale because of it, piercings and all... I can even say that most people, given a chance, can look past appearances if you've "got the goods". If all I had were a surly attitude, obviously it wouldn't have worked.

I never got tattoos for just the reason you mention and most of my piercings have dissapeared too. I wasn't sure where I'd go in life and I decided not to risk alienating closed minded people who might affect my destiny, plus I change my mind too much to risk permanent adornment. That does not mean it's my job to look down on those who make a different choice. I don't have to understand why people make their decisions... it's their decisions to make.

If lizard boy is not going to work in an office or in front of people, his choice is his choice, and while it's a bit obsessive compulsive and a little more focused on flash than I would be into, I don't know a thing about the guy and I wouldn't pretend to until talking to him.

Quite possibly, like I did with all my girlfriend's parents as a youngster with my 3/4 shaved head, he might really surprise me.

I'd be watching realllll close though, sure ;)


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