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Pinhole leak in 2\" steam pipe?

Just wondered if there was any way to repair a small leak in a 2" steam pipe short of replacing the 10' run?

Any suggestions from anyone who has done it?



  • Brad WhiteBrad White Member Posts: 2,393
    A couple of ways

    Quickest is a red rubber patch (piece of pump gasket will do) and a stainless steel band clamp. I have seen these years-old still holding, not that it makes it right.

    Longer term is JB Weld but if the rubber patch is not holding, you have bigger problems. I would then replace the pipe.

    I am sure there are other ways out there.
    "If you do not know the answer, say, "I do not know the answer", and you will be right!"

    -Ernie White, my Dad
  • KenKen Member Posts: 1,320
    Send a ...

    self-tapping sheet-metal screw thru the hole.

    Assume the rest of the main may also be compromised equally. Unless the hole originated from outside, the interior corrosion may be pervase.

    Know when you'll find out? Christmas Eve, around 7 PM when everyone on earth is at home and no supply houses are open - while a 24" blizzard dumps snow all over the area - and no one can come out 'til next year.

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  • bdinnocenzobdinnocenzo Member Posts: 1
    Pin hole leaks in steam pipes

    I have an old home that uses steam heat. About a year ago the pipes (2" and other sizes) started to spring leaks. I called a plumber that we've used for years and he patched a couple of leaks by putting a rubber lined clamp over them and in some cases used an epoxy plumber's putty. He told me that the small pin hole leaks (up to 1/8") could usually be repaired using the plumber's epoxy putty. He gave me a tube and told me to save money and do it myself! He's a nice guy who'll get more of my business.

    You have to shut down the system and let the putty set -- says it's "hard as steel" in 20 minutes, but I give it a couple of hours. The putty I use is Hercules ProProxy20. Found it on line for less than $8 a tube (no shipping) at That will do about 8 or 10 patches.

    The leaks just keep popping up. Fortunately my basement is unfinished and the leaks cause no real damage...yet.. The plan is to replace the steam heating system next spring with a forced air HVAC wife will miss those cast iron radiators. I won't miss the leaks and constant clanging which reminds me to drain off some water. Good luck!
    drill and tap

    Thread a new tapping and put in a plug. Wont work if hole is too close to threads. Eppoxy should work to get you through winter
  • Cheaper to repair than to replace?

    Why not find out how to make your steam heat quiet, even, and economical? There are some excellent books in the shop here which will show you how.

    When your house was built, the system was comfortable with no clanging. It only needs the undoing of some deferred maintenance.

    I don't know that the constant whoosh of compressed air from a high velocity air system is any improvement.--NBC
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