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Steam Boiler Cleaner

BillBill Member Posts: 1
Does anyone have a steam boiler cleaner recommendation? I am trying SCOUT by Hercules. If anyone has a recommendation for steam boiler chemicals in general that would be helpful.


  • MarkMark Member Posts: 4
    boiler cleaners

    We've got an old Kohler steam boiler from about 1938 still running well. Originally ran off of coal, but was later retrofitted with a Beckett oil burner head. Every year I use the SQUICK boiler cleaner concentrate from 'Silver King'. It is some kinda of silicon based powder w/ other additives that you simply add through a funnel into the top of the boiler. Then you re-fill your boiler with water for the season and fire it up. This product requires no blow off or draining once used. Real simple and the guys at the shop highly recommend it. Good luck.
  • kevin coppingerkevin coppinger Member Posts: 2,124
    Without a doubt...

    the best cleaner I have used is Rhomar 9150... I have many happy customers. I would be leary of chemicals that say add and still needs to be flushed. Sometimes more than a few times....kpc

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  • Rodney SummersRodney Summers Member Posts: 748

    I am not a fan of boiler cleaners. in the past I have used Vinagar. However if to much is used the house will smell like pickels.
    I have found a cemical called TC-2000 made by Water Chemicals in Malden, Mass. You only use about 6 oz. It works very good.
  • Jim FarrellJim Farrell Member Posts: 46
    Steam Boiler Cleaner....

    One thing and one thing only....

    TSP....TSP....TSP....Lost Art of Steam Book (Buy It)

    Trisodium phosphate (TSP), available at most hardware stores in white powder form, is a cleaning agent and degreaser, commonly used to prepare household surfaces for painting. It can also be called trisodium orthophosphate and has the chemical formula Na3PO4. It is a highly water-soluble ionic salt. Solutions of it dissolved in water have an alkaline pH.

    Dan's Book also says to use MEX by UGL it has the same chemical make up as TSP...

    Trust me use this once and us it correctly you will add it to every Steam Boiler you either install or go out on that has an unstable water line...raining over the top of the gauge glass...or the boiler is surging...Attend a seminar that Weil-Mclain does with their Steam Boiler with glass piping and watch them when they add a teaspoon of cooking oil...Then when they use TSP to clean the boiler it is truley amazing ....

    Trust me Ask anyone who has seen this done or has used TSP...Buy Dan's Lost Art of Steam Book and you will not be sorry...

    Jim F.
  • Jim FarrellJim Farrell Member Posts: 46
    Steam Boiler Cleaning


    Using the products on the market add to the problem or mask it if you clean it will make great dry steam...Trust me do it once and do it correctly and you will not be sorry for the time invested...Make Sure you follow the directions on the box of TSP and do yourself a huge favor get the manufacture's leaning instruction for the steam boiler you are cleaning or if you make a small investment in Dan's lost Art of Steam Book (The Brown One) It offers all the main manufactures cleaning instructions in an entire chapter...

    Dan is not paying me to say this either about his book...But if you bu it and clean the correct way you will never go wrong...
  • DaveDave Member Posts: 1,405

    Jim...........could you tell me EXACTLY how to do this? I would really appreciate it as I have just moved into a new place that is my first experience with and oil boiler. In additiion to that this oil burner is a converted coal unit rigged with a Beckett unbit and an Extrol Hydronic Heating unit (for expansion) Thank you and I hope this made sense

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  • trying to figure out

    Trying to figure out what you said, boiler converted from coal to oil.. You were questioning how to clean steam boiler with expansion tank ? That doesn't make sense...
  • Peerless

    recommends using a common washing soda like Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda.

    "For each 800 square feet EDR net boiler rating, mix one pound of washing soda with water.  Pour mixture into safety relief valve tapping."  Further instructions on pages 33 and 34:

    This is what they recommend for the commissioning of a new boiler and I'm presuming that it can be used on an older boiler as well.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
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