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9A Baseboard with steam

bruce d
bruce d Member Posts: 10
I have a 6ft section of 9A baseboard in a second floor bath that is not heating. This unit replaced a small column CI radiator that heated like gangbusters. This is a two pipe, Dunham vapor system. On very rare occasions the bb has heated fully. Most of the time heating is confined to about the first 12 inches. Installed an air vent on the return end, but no help.

I do hear what sounds like air (or vapor) gurgling through or across water by listening at the vent. Cool air coming out of vent. When this was plumbed, the supply lateral was left as is (running about 2 feet from the riser into the room) then it was doubled back to the wall area to connect to the bb. A 180* turn. Minimal insulation, if any.

Suspect condensate in the supply lateral keeping steam from entering bb. Burnham site tech tips says 9A OK to use on steam as long as length doesn't exceed 10 feet and that it is on a two pipe system. Weil-McLain says don't use 9A with steam.

I plan to access this piping (have to open celing on a porch) and see what's going on. The bb is fed by a riser which also feeds a column CI radiator in another room. It heats real fine. Riser is 1 and half inch while all other risers in house are 1 inch.

Any thoughts?

Plan is to plumb inlet as directly as possible. Hopefully when pipe is disconnected I will find water.



  • Big Ed
    Big Ed Member Posts: 1,117
    on the right track

    I would guess a bad pitch in the riser as well...
  • bruce d
    bruce d Member Posts: 10
    I will check

    that pitch and the whole thing. Hope to get a plumber that has experience with steam piping and knows what to look for and fix it.

  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    I think Big Ed is right

    have you tried the Find a Professional page of this site?
  • bruce d
    bruce d Member Posts: 10
    Found a pro

    about 45 miles or so from me. Others about 90 miles or so.

    I also have some near boiler piping problems (I believe)so I will go with a pro without any question. I try not to go with the low-ball price guys. I rather stick with the ones that have experience, know their trade and continue to learn. These people are hard to find since there are so few of them.

    I was in the TV/radio/audio fix-it business for some time and we had what we called "butchers" in that trade, same as the "knuckleheads" in your trade.

    I value this forum as I have learned quite a bit. Yes, I purchased some bricks some time ago.

    Thanks for your help. Stay tuned because I do have more concerns that I will post, but one at a time.

    Thanks again - Bruce
  • KBP&H
    KBP&H Member Posts: 48
    pipe sizing

    If the lateral isn't insulated and is 1", there could be a condensate problem w/ the condensate koncking down the steam. Sounds like no pitch, condensate problem,, KBP&H northwest NJ
  • rick_37
    rick_37 Member Posts: 3

    had the similar problem at bank ,10feet of radiation disconnected vent and head it panting corrected pitch and installed additional vents.good luck
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