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Heating and AC License in NJ

Thanks for the addtional information i hope i can find this post again by the end of the week as we are now incontact with the department of consumer affairs gathering information


  • Heating and AC License in NJ?

    Is there a such thing as a License required to do the following in NJ? I was told there is none required for the following:

    Oil Furnace Installation,
    Gas Furnace Installation,
    Gas piping,
    Hydronic Heating Repairs,
    Hydronic heating installation, so long as you don't make the connection to the drinking water.
    A/C installation and repair


  • We are a licenced heating cooling electrical company in NY that borders NJ.This year Jersey has Changed its laws. As I understand it,If a HO pulls the permit we can work there on every thing except domestic water and waste lines,and running new electrical wires with out being licenced.

    If a contractor is pulling the permit we have to be registered with the NJ department of consumer affair in trenton.

    We have done a ton of jobs since the new year for home owners with them pulling permits, I am just now getting registered with the department of consumer affairs and will let you know what else I find out.

    We are also a service company and in order to provide service you also have to be registered with the department of consumer affairs.


    The law in NJ now requires all contractors working in homes to have a "Home improvement contractors Lic."
    As far as the home owner pulling the permit, there is a section on the permit that the home owner must sign stating that they are physically doing the work in their own home. The Un-licensed contractors love to have the home owner pull the permit and then perjer themselves when they sign the application. I have never-ever met a home owner that understood what they signed.
  • S DalyS Daly Posts: 8
    NJ HVAC licence


    There is an HVAC license pending in the NJ Assembly: Bill #3897.


  • S DalyS Daly Posts: 8
    NJ HVAC license


    There is an HVAC license pending in the NJ Assembly: Bill #3897.


  • NJ License

    It is interesting that there is no specific license for "playing with fire" in people's homes. I guess there soon will be. I wonder how most guys complete installs without a plumbing or electrical license? any comments on this?


  • Mark I may be missing your point,(sorry)

    But the licence is a way to regulate us it does not really make the people installing the equiptment cabeable.

    Knowledge and train makes them capable.

    Allthough we work in jersey with no licencing regulations on HVAC our jobs are done no different then our new york jobs.
  • NJ Licensing

    Basically I am an individual who would like to engage in the business of Heating installation and repair, but do not have much formal training or paid experience. This type of thing is really my "calling", but I have been working in other occupations, mostly out of family pressure to be a "white collar" type of guy. For an example, from when I was under the age of 5, I would sit and watch the HVAC plumber and study what he was doing at my mother's house. I knew where the components were and what they did. I am a born "do it yourselfer". My recent HVAC projects include a two zone, oil fired, boiler installation, with hot water coil, tempering valve, pressure reducer, sprirovent, expansion tank, backfolw preventer, etc. The thing performs flawlessly except for my friend refusing to set the tempering(mixing) valve properly,and burning his family with the hot water. He had a HVAC contractor come in to make sure the oil burner was firing properly (we left it factory set). The guy said the installation was better than most that he has sees. At my mother's house I am in the process of converting form 1950's rotted steel radiant heat to hw baseboard. She was rather impressed when I finished whth the kitchen, and all I could say is "it is really rather simple, the water goes around this loop", same pump, boiler, thermostat. She is paying me thousands but still saving thousands. Things are that crazy here in northern NJ. In my own houses I have done various plumping and heating related stuff, one octopus to "modern" oil furnace. I learned what a tiger-vent is last winter. ANYONE WANT TO HIRE ME? Currently I am a Computer Networking consultant in NYC at $35/hour with a bitch of a commute that I would love to give up. I live in the Northwest part of the state near the Morris/Sussex county line.

  • Working without a license

    Although I should rightly have more training. I know there are a-lot of things I can do. Perhaps if I cannot find a good outfit to work for, I could have the homeowners pull the permits as mentioned. But this is only if get up the balls to quit the computer job thing.

  • MarkMark Posts: 24
    NJ License

    It seems that to cover all the bases, you should be a master plumber, electrician and a (pending) HVAC contractor in NJ. But who's got all that?

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