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Heating Equipment Sales to Homeowners

PerryPerry Member Posts: 498
Perhaps some things did not come off as I planned.

I will acknowledge that it is probably true that the chances that a long standing contractor has more knolwegable and with better skills and tools is better than the average homeowner to have the same (and some homeowners have nonthing but wishful thinking).

That does not mean that a long standing contractor does indeed have more knowlege, the skills, the tools, and is willing to use them. Some of the contractors are clearly noting but self employed amatures.

Where I live there are a lot of very technical minded people due to the local industrial base - and I've talked to more than a few who did a fair amount of research before buying their replacement heating system. So perhaps the gas meter changers comments on the quality of some of the home installed systems he has seen may be a higher ratio than in other parts of state and country where there are not a lot of highly technical industrial jobs.

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