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one-pipe steam system

Len_4 Member Posts: 4
HI, I have a one-pipe steam system with a 3yr old burnham boiler.I had at the time a extension done on the house. Its about 400 sq ft. It has a tray ceiling which is about 9ft. high. I have hot water base board running around the room. They tapped off the bottom of boiler to heat the new room. They set it up the way dan's book said to do so.Room never seems to stay warm and it takes some time to reach temp if i set therm back at night to 62. Room is well insulated. There is a crawl space below. the installer looked at the old part of the house that has the steam rad,s, and new the demensions of the new living space. I was told this boiler would do the job. I am having my doubts Its an ISG50. Any advise on this matter would be helpful. Thanks


  • Brad White_16
    Brad White_16 Member Posts: 15

    much radiation do you have relative to the heat loss? That is where I would start (after knowing your heat loss first, of course.)

    Then I would ask if this addition has priority, in other words can it call for heat independently of the main house or is it dependent on the main house firing too?

    Another thought is (especially if this system is dependent on the main house), if the baseboard is copper/aluminum (low mass) it will heat faster but cool much faster than cast iron you have in steam radiators. The main house may be satisfied and hold temperature longer while the addition loses all feeling of direct warmth.

    Just some thoughts to start chewing on.
  • Len_4
    Len_4 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the response.The new space has its on thermastat which is a programable one.They did do a heat loss calculation in the room. Room has alot of windows. The old living space works off its on programable therm as well. May be its working ok , and my wife is right im nuts. Thanks
  • Mellow_2
    Mellow_2 Member Posts: 204
    need more info

    was a heatloss done? is the bb getting warm or very hot? is this only a problem in the morning and how cold was it outside? can running the steam heat make the bb work better or is there no change? the boiler should heat the room if you have flow through the bb and have enough bb.

  • Len_4
    Len_4 Member Posts: 4

    Hi , Yes a heat loss was done and i was told i had enough radiaters for space. Iwhen both steam and baseboard heat is running it does throw out warmer heat. I have both term's to turn on at the same time in the morning and they drop down at the same time when i leave for work . then i have them set to go on again at the same time in the late afternoon when i get home from work. Thanks
  • Mellow_2
    Mellow_2 Member Posts: 204
    how long dose it take

    to come back from 62? The other posts are right the differance between bb and radiators, it is big. The rads are much more comfortable and bb can be more drafty. 62 is cold with convective heat ........the more mass the heater has the lower the comfort temp can be set.......... I know I have been cofortible at 70 deg with bb heat and 62 with rad floor heat. when we set the temp back the room and everything in it cools down so when we turn the heat back up the objects in the room are like ice cubes in that room. If we put a 62 deg chair in a room it has to take heat from the room to warm the chair............this takes time and durring that time you sit in the chair and the chair takes the heat from you too. this can make you feel cold.
  • thfurnitureguy_4
    thfurnitureguy_4 Member Posts: 398

    Try setting your set back to come back on 1 hour earlyer. or raise the low end up a few degrees. By running the boiler loop you are using the latent heat in the boiler. It will not be there if the steam has not run. Your copper, fin emitters could want to call more often than the CI steam system. Your CI steam radiators hold heat longer and demand fewer cycles to keep even heat in the room. Being steam, most likely they heat faster. Remember all the money you saved by not adding a second boiler for the copper fins? I think that it will be paid for by your lack of setback ability. How comfortable is the system if you use no setback? You may want to start there and add set back a few degrees at a time. Or, try no setback with the copper loop and keep the steam the same. I am considering a system of this type. Please let us know how it works out.
  • Brad White_16
    Brad White_16 Member Posts: 15
    Mellow makes excellent points

    That during times of steam the bb intensity is greater makes sense but the key is, when the steam is off, the bb should run the boiler in such a way that it stops short of actually boiling (making steam). This gets me thinking that your bb might be sized for 180 F water (reasonable) and when steaming gets 210 or more depending on the draw-off point. That kind of difference in output is noticeable. Check the bb high limit setting, the point it cuts out. If it is much lower than 200 the contrast will be more noticeable.

    Mellow's points on recovery from a cold room are spot-on. (with a cold chair no less; can you imagine anyplace less comfortable to sit??).

    Indeed what is the recovery time?

    And as you said, the room is well insulated but has lots of glass... that kind of radiant cooling is hard to overcome no matter if you have a foot of insulation in the opaque walls. The best way to thwart that in my opinion is to have constant circulation and injection or bleed-in of hot water. This will mean a de-coupling of the bb circuit from the boiler circuit. Constant circulation will even out the spikes you seem to be finding, and enable more rapid recovery if setbacks are not extreme.
  • Len_5
    Len_5 Member Posts: 3

    It can take up to 1hr to reach my high setting of 67,not even 68.Thats in the morning. and in the afternoon when i get home from work. thanks for the advice may try to set it back only to 64 and see how it goes. thanks
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