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Tom R.
Tom R. Member Posts: 139
Does the basement ZV stay open when the other floors call for heat?


  • Bryan_19
    Bryan_19 Member Posts: 1
    pumps and heat loss

    I looked at a job with a problem of no heat on basement zone when 1st and 2nd floor calls for heat. It is 4 zones all on zone valves and only one circulator pump {Taco 007) also every zone is 3/4 pipe and basement zone is 1/2. My question is can I solve this problem with just putting in a faster pump or high head pump???? I'm stuck!!!!
  • Jason_22
    Jason_22 Member Posts: 39
    Dont think

    I believe you will end up with the same result only faster. The basement obviously should have been 3/4. the only fix may be a seberate pump for basement and rewire.
  • Steve_35
    Steve_35 Member Posts: 546
    Has this been a problem from the get go?

    The ZV is opening right?

    How many feet of BB and what's the total length from the boiler through the loop and back to the boiler?
  • william_5
    william_5 Member Posts: 62

    is the tranfsomer able to open all the zv at the same time?how did you bleed out the lower zone?
  • Joe Mattiello_2
    Joe Mattiello_2 Member Posts: 94
    troubleshooting system

    Because you received a no heat call I have to assume this is an existing system, and a new problem. Have you looked at the obvious like a failed zonevalve, or will the basement be ok when the other floors are satisfied? Changing the pump to perhaps a 0010 might help, but I suggest doing the math and selecting a pump to meet your design criteria. How many feet of baseboard on the basement loop, and what is the total length of the ½” pipe? I will also need to know the amount of baseboard in the other 3 zones so I know the total flow rate required to satisfy the total load. Try to avoid a high head circulator when zoning with zonevalves, because the system dynamics are constantly changing and may give you velocity problems.

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  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    No Heat

    If you are heating the 2nd floor which is most likley the longest zone in the system, your pump should be fine. Does the basement zone open when calling for heat? If so look for air lock in that zone. Perge the basement zone. Does this problem only occure when the upper floors call for heat? need to know what that basement valve is doing.....
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