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Cast Iron baseboard Rads push nipple removal

Dan C.Dan C. Member Posts: 228
Doesn't take long . Just heat up the nipple and pull it out. I think thats the only way.


  • Jim DawsonJim Dawson Member Posts: 6
    Cast Iron Baseboard Rad push nipple removal

    Does anyone know of a tool or faster way of removing the push nipples from the cast rads besides heating up the rad with a torch and grabbing with a vise grips. I'm trying to refit some rads together but the existing rads have either one or two nipples installed in same spot as the rads I'm fitting in.
    I was hopping not to trash them or replacing them.
  • mike yozellmike yozell Member Posts: 7
    push nipple removal

    if you need to do a lot of them than go to an autobody parts store and purchase a "slide hammer " you can make a hook for the end and out pops the nipple


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