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Truck security

S Ebels
S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
Haven't been able to find a way to lock the keys in the Sprinter yet. It won't let the locks actuate if the key is in the ignition. On another note, I locked the keys in a brand new 06 Super Duty I bought this fall........within 2 hours of driving it home from the dealership. It has exterior keypad for unlocking but the code on the vehicle and the code written on the card didn't match. Called Ford and they said it was very difficult to slim jim the locks due to improved theft prevention measures. So I thought I was screwed. Called a friend who is a deputy and he came over with the SJ tool. Had it open in less than 5 seconds. So much for new and improved theft deterrent measures.


  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    Security locks

    After reading about Ray's tool and equipment loss in the "Ripped Off" thread, I started thinking I needed to upgrade the locks on my van.

    My van has no windows in the back. A non opening bulkhead behind the seats. And a steel lockbox in the passenger area.

    Unfortunatley the OEM locks are crap! They can be opened easily with most keys on my key ring, some aren't even automotive keys!

    So, does anyone know if there are higher security locks available for work vans? I seem to remember seeing a picture of someone's van here that had a lock designed for this purpose.

    I did a search online, and checked some work van outfitters websites (American Van) but came up with nothing. I don't want to resort to just bolting on a hasp and padlock because I don't think it would look very good, but I do want to keep my tools.

    Any Ideas?
    Jim Bennett
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836

    We use the "Hockey Puck" locks by both Master and American Lock. They are hardened steel and look like a hockey puck. The anchors are also hardened. They way they are designed they would be difficult to defeat, although nothing is perfect. I also use padlocks and hasps inside along with an alarm. So far, so good.
  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    Thanks Ken

    Those may be just what I'm looking for! secure and not bad looking either. Anything is better that what I have now.

    Thanks again,


    Jim Bennett
  • Dan M_4
    Dan M_4 Member Posts: 1
    Truck Security

    I've found that a German Shepherd sitting in the front seat works well. Never had a problem since I got him, although it doesn't work on hot days.
  • rick_33
    rick_33 Member Posts: 20

    locks my keys in the truck in the bad part of town , called my brother who does towing ,could not get in all locks on front are shielded to prevent slim jim opening but not back ,I would go without windows. got in the back of van and worked through the gate ,not a good day long service call.
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836

    Ouch! Talk about a bad day!
  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    Keys in van

    I'm good for locking my keys in the van about once or twice a month. Luckily (?) pretty much any key will get you back in! Been that way since it was new. I probably should have taken it back to the dealer, but you know how it is when your busy, not easy to be without your truck for a day.

    Ken D, thanks again for the lock tip, I have a set of hockey puck locks and hasps coming from Grainger tomorrow.

    Jim Bennett
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    Jim, it doesn't really matter about your keys

    as a thief really only needs a screwdriver to pry out the lock cylinders on a Ford or older Chevy van, and a good punch to push in the lock cylinder on the newer Chevy vans, I have seen both after the fact, the Ford comes in with the cylinder hanging out of the hole, due to the fact that there is only a small spring clip holding it in place and one of my current co-workers has the cylinder laying inside the side door right now from when a thief punched in the cylinder and robbed him. You have to have extra locks, as the OEM locks are worthless, even when keyed properly.

    One other piece of advise, chain your spare tire to the frame. The anti theft devices on the spare tire winch does not stop a thief either. I've had a brand new spare stolen off a brand new Ford I had a couple of years ago. Anti theft shiel was just bent out of the way with a pry bar, and the spare cranked to the ground and gone.
  • Helgy_3
    Helgy_3 Member Posts: 40

    Well how about this one. Have any of you guys been locked inside your van. The back that is. If you accidently hit the child saftey switch on the door frame of the door and let the door close while inside. That is where you will stay, inside. Only had it happen to me once. Luckly at the shop. The guys had a pretty good laugh before letting me out. I've have since fixed the switch as not to happen again. Go ahead and laugh, untill it happens to you...
  • John_108
    John_108 Member Posts: 21
    Truck Locks

    Two years ago I had my truck broken into right in front of my house, 10 feet from the door. It took them about 3 seconds to pop the locks out. We installed the master (pancake) locks on all of the trucks. About 2 months ago someone tried to break into one of our spare trucks with the locks on it. I can tell you they did not get in and that they used crow bars and 2 x 4's. I actually thought the truck was in an accident when I saw it the next day. Bad part was that someone left the rear doors unlocked (guess they figured since the truck was empty no need to lock it up) and if the stupid criminals bothered to check the other doors we would not have had to replace both of the side doors. You can purchase the master pancake locks at Home Depot around $45.00 each
  • Bill Jirik,
    Bill Jirik, Member Posts: 54
    door locks

    Best door locks out there are the esmet tough lock
    esmet.com/tuflocks.html also look at the automatic pepper spray at stopthecrime.com they once made an item called the autogaurd that discharged CNS tear gas when activated,
    used one for years on a box truck, a few dumb thieves managed to cut a conventional padlock but the only thing they ever got was a good blast of tear gas.
  • Maine Doug_24
    Maine Doug_24 Member Posts: 3
    Homeland Security

    I wonder if big dog qualifies for A Homeland Security grant? Afterall, it would be actually improving the security of our "home"land and enabling you to continue making people comfortable while helping conserve energy. I suppose dog size would be determned by truck size and a shepard would be a catagory 3 grant??
  • Ken C.
    Ken C. Member Posts: 267
    Been there, done that

    Luckily, I was on a job with a coworker. I went to the truck to get a part, and he wondered what was taking me so long. He knew how to fix the locks, because he himself had gotten trapped in his van after the owner's 10-year-old son thought it would be funny to tamper with the lock.
  • JaredM
    JaredM Member Posts: 57

    Another option may be the deadbolt locks I recently saw at www.inlad.com. I was looking for something else and came across these dead bolt locks on their website. I have never used them but they look intersting....it appears that there is an option for remote opening/closing the locks with a key fob.
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