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When should a furnace be like a human?

And if they're going to be human... then my furnace is a 'he' to you. Boilers, I rather think are a 'she'. :)

And yeah, I kiss my cast iron babies every day. So much for teary-eyed emotions and political correctness.


  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
    The reasons -- feel free to add

    Ten reasons why a furnace should think like a human:

    1. It would recognize the gathering of family during the holidays and not break down the night before out-of-town guests are due to arrive for a few days.

    2. It would respect a person’s right to be comfortable and not stop working at 2:00 a.m. during a blizzard.

    3. It would look at reason number 2 and respect the right of the service tech who just put his crying baby to sleep and now must go out into the wintry night.

    4. It would shout out to the homeowner when it felt something “smelled funny” rather than acting stoic and waiting for the occupants to get sick.

    5. It would clean up after itself.

    6. It would stop making hissing noises after it was told to “shut up!”

    7. It would keep working when the temperatures were below zero outside, even though it was already tired and overworked.

    8. It would know exactly when to get snuggly (provide heat) at the precise time a person needed it.

    9. It would protest (loudly) when someone with little or no knowledge decided that they knew how to fix it.

    10. It would provide a heating source to all systems without regard to shape, size, or physical makeup.

    One reason why a furnace should NOT be like a human:

    It won’t get emotional.
  • brucewo1b
    brucewo1b Member Posts: 638
    And yeah, I kiss my cast iron babies every day. So much for

    teary-eyed emotions and political correctness.

    Well in that sase I have a couple of Cast Iron Furnasties you can come kiss for me.
  • Darrell
    Darrell Member Posts: 303

    When I go on a call, and everybody is tense, I ask what they have done so far...and they usually tell me what I already can see for myself. Then I ask if they have cussed at the unit or in anyway hurt it's feelings, 'cuz then my job might entail counseling as well as fixing! I find out right then if they have a sense of humor, and a big clue as to whether I'll be working for free or not.

    Yes, boilers have feelings too, and we should repsect them for the work they do. Most of my calls are to boilers with low self-esteem or neglect issues. Sometimes I'm the only one who loves them.
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