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    November 22
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  • Snowmelt
    AO smith in a nut shell doesn't have good customer relationship when things go bad, where did you install this water heater? Did you talk to walse darby or Edward platt & deely. Matt deely never returns my calls but when he needs me he calls me.
    When I install anything I try to install a rheem, once in a while I do a smith, but there asses I hate there management team as a whole.
    March 14
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    March 1
  • ezli
    Hey John, I'm desperate for a steam expert on LI. Do you know of one? Is Matt Sweeney still around?
    February 20
    • JohnNY
      He is. You can send him a message on this board as far as I know. He closed his business but works for someone and I'm sure he moonlights.
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    October 2014
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