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Larry Weingarten


Larry Weingarten
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    Hi Larry,
    Just wanted to say thanks again and give you an update. I tried to order another valve but they would not sell to me without a contractor license. I asked them what local companies they dealt with and they gave me three names. One of the companies I had already called and I am NOT using them. Another one, L.J. Kruze, based in Oakland, is coming out Monday to give me an estimate, and they are only going to charge me $190 to tell me how much they will charge me if I decide to use their services, lol. I also got a referral from my plumber to Clayton Valley Mechanical who came and took a look and left me message later saying that the coil and the pan are only sold together for $2240 and the pan is now plastic. But he didn't give me any labor charges. But I feel hopeful that this is moving in the right direction now. Thanks again for your generosity and helping me move to a more practical approach about these things. Best, MG
    February 4
    • Larry Weingarten
      Larry Weingarten
      Hi, I'd cancel LJ Kruze. If the valve is that check valve, I'm certain I can get one and mail it to you. I'd be surprised if it were more than $25. It really shouldn't be a big deal at all. As to the rest, I don't know if you saw my suggestion on "The Wall" about getting some "peel and stick" roofing membrane and using it to line the rusty pan? That would be a permanent fix and has to cost a LOT less than what you are being told. It would require removing the coil and after fixing the pan, reinstalling the coil. In worst case that's two service calls from the plumber and one from the "roofer", or whoever is comfortable doing this fairly simple job. I'm glad to help as I can and glad that things are looking less strange about getting the pan fixed. :~)

      Yours, Larry
  • MGRiley
    Dear Larry,
    Thank you so very much for your help! What a gift to have your wisdom and experience. We just are not growing good craftsman anymore. Sadly, it is bit the same in nursing.

    I called Balance Point (told them you referred me) and they referred me to a local company, Eco Performance Builders and fella named Keith O'Hara. I left a message and hope to hear from them soon. I'm excited because their website discusses hydronic heating and I have not seen that on any of the local sites before. I will let you know what transpires.

    Best to you,
    January 21
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    December 2016


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