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    July 16
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    July 12
  • awllc
    They are a little slow heating up. Not sure how they direct flow through radiator. They don't leak and they are what they are.
    April 19
  • adamfre
    Hi sir! Thanks for all your help on the forum.
    What brand natural gas boiler would you recommend for my application? I'm kinda torn between just going back with a Peerless, or a WM.
    April 19
  • exqheat
    Good to see your still here. We are doing a bunch of steam. Never had so much fun. Hydronics are super as well. Wish I could share some with you, but you throw me off for advertising. Our technology should grow over the next twenty years, as folks begin to get curious.
    Best regards,
    March 23
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    January 25
  • Wfirst189
    Hey Steamhead,

    Got a question, I am about to (have) installed a TR-30 Intrepid steam boiler. The supplier doesn't have the PZT model so I am purchasing the tankless coil separately and adding on? do you suggest a certain aquastat? Would the combo? Does the vaporstat and aquastat get wired in parallel?

    For the low water cut off can I use one of the Hydolevel combo aquastat/ LWCO (3250 plus)??

    This is what I BELIEVE I NEED TO ORDER (PLUS fittings and other misc. stuff my plumber will manage)

    Carlin Burner 50364FR1
    knockdown package steam boiler Slant Fin Intrepid TR-30 SU
    Hydrolevel 3250 Plus
    Hydrolevel Electro-well 48-221
    Hydrolevel outdoor sensor OS-100
    S/F 5 gallon intrepid water coil
    Safeguard No.VXT120 water feeder 120 Volt
    Tjernlund HS1
    Tjernlund VH1-4
    Field Controls 6" double actuating gas draft regulator
    Carlin Burner Cover DESCVR5S
    Field Controls Spill Switch GSK-250M

    any thoughts? I am currently heatless so any insight would be appreciated. Thank you
    January 16
  • lincolntaggart
    Can u gimme a call 724-766-8158
    December 2015
  • Danny Scully
    Good morning, my name is Danny Scully and I operate Scully's Plumbing in Long Island, NY. I have a customer who has a Slant/Fin Intrepid which we will be converting to natural gas. I've seen you have success with this on the wall, and was just wondering if you preferred Beckett over Carlin. I called Slant/Fin and they gave me no specifics, only that they suggested Beckett (but Carlin is fine too). The only thing delaying my decision is that Carlin is offered at a discounted rate from National Grid. I do, however, like that Beckett has specifically tested with the Intrepid. I was just hoping you could steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your time.
    November 2015


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