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  • hopatcongtim
    Hi @RobG do you have any recommendations for a good steam guy in the Hopatcong, NJ area? I had Joe S. at my house in Jan, but he seems busy now with his new job and consulting. Please let me know if you have anyone that help me. Need a look at the overall system, balancing, maintence. Thanks
    October 2015
  • Homeowner3
    I forgot to mention that the house was built in 1929, and the one contractor who did ask to measure the radiators (and would use copper piping, but who said his company does not install boilers as large as mine)--said that I had 574 sq.ft. of steam. He peered through the radiator covers with a flashlight. I have column radiators and "sun-rads", which were obviously installed to replace column radiators, as the imprint of the old ones is still visible on the floors. The system has been knocking, spitting steam from vents, etc. as long as I have had the house. I grew up in New York City, where we simply thought all of that came hand-in-hand with a steam-heat system. Now, I know better--and want to make sure that my new boiler is installed a) properly and SAFELY and b) that it will not die an early death, as this one did.

    The current boiler is 225,000 btus. 2007. Made by CAC/BDP in Indianapolis. Series PSB-7D. Someone on here told me that was a Dunkirk.

    Thanks, again, for any advice.
    October 2015
  • Homeowner3
    Hello. I am sorry to bother you. I am a relatively new homeowner in Northern NJ (Bergen County) who has to replace my steam heat boiler.

    I have been trying to learn about steam heat, and it seems like all of the contractors I have had in know about as much as I do (they did not measure radiators--simply looked at the old unit and discussed replacement; did not look for venting in the basement along the mains; said they would use cooper piping around a new boiler; etc.). My old unit (dated 2007--before I owned the house) has cracked and has a leak, has copper piping directly around it.

    I am at a loss for who to call who might do a proper steam boiler install in the area.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    October 2015
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  • j a
    j a RobG
    Could not agree more,
    August 2015
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