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    December 2015
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  • Homeowner3
    I am a homeowner in Northern New Jersey who is in need of a boiler replacement for 1929 house that has a system with steam heat. When I bought the house a few years ago, the boiler was newish (2-3 years old)--but it died a premature death (at 7 years old), I now know, as a result of not being installed correctly, coupled by our mistakes, I am sure. The various local contractors suggested by neighbors (one of whom installed it for the previous homeowner) do not follow most of the protocols outlines in Dan Holohan's books.

    Do you know of anyone who you might recommend who might work in this neck of the woods? Do you do steam in this area?

    Thanks ever so much,

    M. Carley
    October 2015
  • j a
    j a Rich
    Hi rich pioneer and indirect is just now starting...pad is poured ready to question, new customer has old gravity system,house approx. 1500sq feet one bathroom...I think a combi will do it....your opinion would be great. Thanks
    September 2015
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    July 2015
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    May 2015
  • jonny88
    Mr Rich, Dominic was talking to Emerson Swan yesterday and one of the people there was telling him about the Phoenix.I thank you for leading me to this unit and hopefully I will get a chance to install soon.A fantastic alternative to what most are recommending.Thanks again
    April 2015
    • Rich
      Jonny ,

      HTP support is the best I have ever experienced , not that it is needed that often . Emerson Swan is also just as good , they have been a rep for Taco for almost 80 years now . Too bad AO Smith does not employ the technology others do until the market forces then to . Take a look at some other HTP stuff also , it is really amazing stuff once you get past all the marketing and availability hype from better known manufacturers .

      On another note . Please give me a call one last time to discuss Mariam Tariq's home . 732-581-3833 .

      How is Dominick making out with his injury ?
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    March 2015
  • Paul48
    Rich...It seems like you're slamming doors to different possibilities. You and Hat are going at it tooth and nail, and I think he's just pondering something that occured to me also. I don't know whether he has an agenda, or a stake in the answer, one way or the other. I'm not saying he's right, or your wrong, or right. All I'm saying,is, let's explore it.
    March 2015
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    February 2015
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