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  • Noluck
    Sorry to even ask I know this was posted a long time ago but you are very knowledgeable on the subject
    I am having a problem with a hot water heater being used as a storage tank. It was installed after a true storage tank failed. What is the correct way to plumb a hot water heater
    being used as a storage tank
    I have an old American Standard oil boiler with hot water coil. When I
    purchased the house it fed into a true 50 gallon storage tank not a hot
    water heater. The system always worked fine. I rented the house and storage
    tank fell apart the tenant had a plumber install a hot water heater to be
    used as a storage tank. I was out of town and was assured it was going to
    be a true storage tank and not a hot water heater.
    Well it is a hot water heater as ever since hot water runs out way to fast
    it must be installed wrong.
    I would really appreciate any advice. I have had 3 plumbers tell me I need
    to replace coil or add an indirect hot water heater.
    November 1
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    February 1
  • Gordy
    Like I said it depends on circulator strategy. Delta t ecm flow rates vary depending on how a system uses, or does not use the btus.

    Delta p there are times when zones are off then on. Particulates settle out then get back in stream.

    Then there is delta p with trvs. Flow rates vary also.
    January 27
  • chap007
    the pressure coming into the boiler is 20-22 psi, it seems that the system just need to be purged everything appears to be good now house is getting warmer. I listed all other gauge readings in recent post. Thank You icesailor.
    January 9
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    December 2014
  • memphishouseman
    I wish I knew why the Uponor connector failed. It was a clean break in a straight 1" line connector. (Said earlier it was a 1.5") The plumber just said, I have never seen that happened before. The connector had been installed about one year ago. The line is carrying hot water at about 140 degrees and was insulated with the black foam insulation. I am a little nervous about the whole system now. That is why I was looking to install some type of safety or cut off valve on each line going to the air handlers.

    My fill line goes into a 80 gallon storage tank and then to the boiler. This provides the hot water for the house as well as hot water to four Lennox air handlers for hearing the house. Therefore if I closed the fill valve then there is still over 80 gallons of water that could be pumped if another line broke.

    Your thoughts.
    December 2014
  • hot rod
    Ice, I'll send you a set of idronics if you'd like. give me a mailing address. Anything else caleffi i can send you?

    December 2014
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    October 2014
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    September 2014
  • vibert_c
    I have learned from this site that "you don't get what you don't pay for".
    Ice is overwhelmed with spam. Have a look at to relieve your suffering for a very small fee.
    I have had no spam since joining over two years ago.
    Ve get too soon olt and too late schmart, eh!
    September 2014


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