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  • kotlevich
    Joe, i need to add hot water zone to my basement, to connect it to the steam boiler. Can you help?
    October 2015
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    August 2015
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    July 2015
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    February 2015
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    February 2015
  • davidnyc
    Oh, not sure if you know that the thatcherhvac web site registration expired 1/30/15. And by the way, I'm at 917-627-0013, I did leave message at thatcher.
    February 2015
  • davidnyc
    Hi, I'm in lower Manhattan, looking for some expert help with our 500,000 BTU Weil McLain in little building with 5 apartments. It's cycling on and off low water 3-4 times every cycle, and also consuming at least two gallons a day (more this week). Looks like you are an hour out which seems way too much - do you know someone great in the city? We have an excellent responsive plumber for broken pipes (or broken LWCO) who installed the unit 6 years ago, but they have ten different techs who have ten different ideas, and don't really talk to each other or spend enough time to watch what it does. This time of year they are just running ragged keeping people warm, not worried about how well the system is working or will last. Thanks!
    February 2015
  • bigoldhouse
    Hi I was advised that you could help me . I am in Merion Station PA Have an amazing 100 year old house with steam heat . I need someone who knows what he is doing?
    January 2015
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    October 2014
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    October 2014
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    October 2014

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    October 2014


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