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    October 4
  • hot rod
    hi Jonny, thanks again for trying the Caleffi, keep an eye on the magnetic function, I'd like to see what it pulls from the system when you go by this winter sometime.

    Who is your supplier?

    Also do you have a mailing address I could send something to?

    August 24
  • j a
    Johnny hit me up. 16176886802. JA. Jim phinney
    June 15
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    June 13
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    April 25
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    April 24
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    April 23
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    April 5
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    March 21
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    March 21
  • Rich
    Don't know your exact needs but maybe one of these fit the bill . Watch the videos , read the I & O manual , specs . I can tell you they are both real powerhouses and a service dream , IF you ever need to do it . PLUS has redundancy with the 2 combustion assemblies and everything is right out in the open .
    If you must have ASME models check these out that John Langan sent me tonight ( ) . Honestly though I have not seen an AO Smith Cyclone yet that worked as advertised or without power / circuit board issues . Stopped using AOS about 6 years ago because of service related issues and product quality .

    Give me a call .
    March 21
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    December 2014
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    December 2014


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