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  • Homeowner3
    There is a GREAT guy who seems to really know his stuff... but he is not insured and the guys helping him are not formal employees, but family--without insurance as well. Also wants the lion's share of the price up front to buy the boiler and materials. I am having trouble with both of those things...But he is the only guy I have found that seems to know steam!

    After the other guy came in today (he was the suggestion of a guy who was suggested by a steam pro on here)--I almost cried. I have had more guys in here than you can shake a stick at.

    I just want a new boiler, with proper NBP, etc. so my family can have heat this winter--I don't understand why it is so hard to find someone.

    I'm not a pro, obviously--but why, oh, why don't these guys want to follow the established procedures? It is so frustrating! Thanks for listening to me rant. :(
    October 2015
  • Homeowner3
    Thank you for your response to my query about wet returns.

    I didn't want to post it on the Wall, but as to your point #4--I am really not sure what to do.

    I live in Northern NJ and almost every single guy I have had in here insists on doing the NBP in copper. The guy I had here today wanted to do the NBP in copper, but I twisted his arm until he agreed not to. But then he told me that it was nonsense that newly installed boilers need a cleaning upon install, "unless there is a problem".

    I am not a steam pro. I am someone who did not know a darn thing about a boiler 7 months ago--but am I incorrect in thinking that is step that cannot be skipped and needs to be done right (and it is time consuming an laborious, right)?

    After I twisted his arm some more, he reluctantly agreed to do a cleaning--but I am not sure what HE is thinking he will do... I even offered to pay more just to have it done!
    October 2015


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