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Robert O'Brien ✭✭✭


Robert O'Brien
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  • Robert O'Brien earned the 25 LOLs badge.
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    July 7
  • Mad Dog
    Robert. I want to have my AC ductwork vacuumed out by a GOOD company...seems like there's plenty of shysters...ha ha whom can u recd? Thanks...looking foward to picnic...516.322.2881 Sweeney
    June 13
  • Robert O'Brien, AD7 and satwar earned the Name Dropper badge.
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    May 10
  • Mad Dog
    Hey are ya? Hot Rod can't help himself...can he? I'd love to jump in there and "box his uber-liberal ears in." Last, I checked, I just paid my 2015 taxes, will vote in NY Primary tommorow, and help run bingo at The Saint Albans VA every third Tuesday of the month..........I guess it's not MY WORLD anymore. Dan always lectured me, with well taken intentions, that it really is NOT professional to engage in nasty political brawls on line ( I loved it!) Or political bumperstickers on your work truck...i.e., you're pissing off at least HALF of your potential customer base....I wonder if Callefi would agree? Sweeney
    April 18
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    March 15


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