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  • maybemark
    Hi gordy I have a question
    Can I put the living room on it' own zone, with higher temps for that zone.
    All my circs are running on the supply would it hurt if i ran the living room on the return line, with the circ flowing to the boiler
    December 2015
    • Gordy
      I thought you had her all balanced Mark?
    • maybemark
      the living room is much better, but still not as good as the rest of the house. Maybe i should leave well enough alone? Or, if i would put it on another zone, I can tell boiler to make the living room hotter using the menu?
      My house is so much better than before
      I have been tweaking the numbers and adjusting the valves
    • Gordy
      Honestly I would see what this season brings. If you put that rad on its own zone it will change the flow dynamics of the rest of the system. You would be starting all over balancing.

      At any rate I would put it on the supply side so your still pumping away from the x tank., and yes you could give that new zone its own reset curve, but now your boiler would short cycle because of a small load of that one zone.
    • Gordy
      This is one advantage to trvs on all radiators. They would automatically close as the rooms reached their settings to the point where the only one open would be the living room, and it would go until that set point is reached. You would have to use an alpha, or some other delta p circ.


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