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  • gchristman
    Hi Chris, I'm not super framilar with this site, but would you private message me?
    March 20
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  • Javelin
    I'm wondering though if I DO have the pumps sized correctly.. Other users on this board seemed to think so, but not sure. Can you point me in the right direction to do more research on my system side flow rate requirements? Joe Starsiolec (another board member) did heat loss calcs (attached in the original post), but this isn't my area of expertise. Thanks in advance for any insight you can lend!
    November 2014
  • Javelin
    Chris, about a year ago you were kind enough to weigh in on my boiler layout that I've since completed:

    I just now was revisiting the post and saw you last comment:

    "What pump did you choose for your primary/boiler pump? You do realize your not going to move all that boilers capable btu/hr through 1-1/4" pipe unless you size that pump correctly and a UPS26-99 isn't going to be the right pump. What is your system side flow rate requirement?"

    I went with two Bumblebee pumps - One for each of my 2 zones:

    The system SEEMS to be ok (the house heats), but truthfully I'm not as impressed as I had hoped with the new TT boiler savings in fuel costs. (it didn't help that last year's winter was colder than ever or I kept the house a few degrees warmer, so I'm really probably not comparing apples to apples).
    November 2014


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