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  • maybemark
    I do have the service manual, at 1st, i set all defaults.
    It depends who suggest changing something I do.
    The problem comes, that person leaves for a while, and someone else suggests, then that person leaves.
    After a while, I think of trying something.
    then person number 1 says, that's no good
    and i'm stuck
    I thank you for pointing out about the manual
    November 23
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    November 19
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    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    September 27
  • hot rod
    good advice, Paul thanks. I was caught up in the heat of the moment, or boiler type :)
    August 10
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    July 30
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    May 5
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    April 22
  • Rich

    Are your comments of late directed toward me ? I am concerned that you somehow think I am being confrontational . When , in fact I was attempting to reinforce your position .
    March 2
  • j a
    Wondering paul48 are u a heating contractor or a plumber?
    March 1
  • kennyb
    When you say a combination of water and steam what do you mean??
    February 1
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    January 28
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    January 16
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    October 2014
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    October 2014
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    September 2014
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    September 2014
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    September 2014
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    September 2014


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