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  • Homeowner3
    I forgot to mention that I had a super nice guy (from this site) come over and take a look--I was ready to hire him, when I learned that he did not have worker's comp for himself and all of his assistants were family that were not formally employees or insured. Needed to be paid $7,500.00 up front.

    I understood that he was a small business operator and could not front the cost of materials (or, perhaps, thought I might not pay!)--but the lack of insurance scares me. I don't want anyone to get hurt and I don't want to lose everything I have worked for all my life as a result of an injury!

    I understand that being a small business operator these days is almost impossible--the insurance is crushing--and I feel for the guy. I feel really awful not hiring him...

    Do you have any suggestions as to who I might contact that 1) might serve the NJ area 2) knows steam and would do a good job and 3) might have insurance?

    Any help you might give me would be most appreciated.
    October 3
  • Homeowner3
    So sorry to bother you, but I thought you might be able to help me.

    I am a homeowner in Northern New Jersey who is in need of a boiler replacement for 1929 house that has a system with steam heat. When I bought the house a few years ago, the boiler was newish (3 years old)--but it died a premature death (at 7 years old), I now know, as a result of not being installed correctly coupled, I am sure by mistakes of ours. The various local contractors suggested by neighbors (one of whom installed it for the previous homeowner) do not follow most of the protocols outlines in Dan Holohan's books.

    Do you know of anyone who you might recommend who might work in this neck of the woods? It seems as if JStar no longer does residential.

    Sorry to reach out to you this way, but if I can't find someone who truly knows steam soon, I am going to be forced to let one of the local plumbers install a new boiler, as it will get cold very soon. I fear that will be a very expensive mistake.
    October 3
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  • Clearly it was an error and will correct asap.
    June 25
  • Gordo
    It was the one where I praised Peerless for specifically calling out threaded pipe in their steam boiler instructions and criticizing Weil McL. for verbally ok'ing copper headers. Perhaps it was a mistake?
    June 25
  • Send me the post I just reviewed the posts and my comments....take it easy
    June 25
  • Gordo. I have no idea what post u are referring to..
    June 25
  • U sure that was me
    June 25
  • Gordo
    Why did you "thumbs down" one of my posts?
    June 25
  • Zman
    Zman j a
    If you are logged in, you just go back to the post and click on the dislike again and it goes away.
    June 1
  • Mad Dog
    I like your cut-thru-the-PC- bullshit approach. These bend over - backwards ass-kissers that lurk here piss me off too...they're hobbyists. ...This is the main reason, I left The Wall for many years. Where ya from? Matt. (Mad Dog)
    May 13
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  • MBCottage
    James, Just wanted to let you know that Bill worked on the system and found several things not as they should be. He fixed and adjusted what he could this evening. I would also like to mention he is very thorough and extremely professional. There is more work to be done, but I feel confident that all will right before I leave on Monday.
    March 10
  • Paul48
    No....I am neither a plumber or a heating contractor. By the time I was old enough, my grandfather had sold the business, and my father had gone to work in a factory. I am a machinist by trade, and somehow, over the years have done a lot of plumbing and pipe-fitting. I'm the kind of person, that would read a technical manual 100x's until I understand it, if necessary. I guess, I'm like you, I have never run into something I can't do, if I set my mind to it. Heating interested me, because of my own system.The internet supplies endless information.
    March 2
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