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Harvey Ramer
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  • Rich
    How will they all blast Delta T technology now that their beloved Grundfos has validated it ? Oh wait , it's an upgradeable thing , why don't they just include the sensors . Glad you were in attendance for the show . See how screwed up the leaders of this industry are ? Too many manufacturer relationships and sucking up .
    February 7
    • Harvey Ramer
      Harvey Ramer
      I have difficulty understanding why there is an argument about which is better between Delta-T and Delta-P. I maintain that neither is better and each one has their place. In some applications Delta-T is better and in some, Delta-P. Some places it doesn't make a "hill of beans" which one you put in.
  • Snowmelt
    Harvey where do u live that you get fernox product, I like there webinar on taco, but non of my local suppliers carry it.
    February 4
    • Harvey Ramer
      Harvey Ramer
      I source it through Thomas Somerville. I think Emerson Swan is one of the main Reps in the New England area.
  • joepie61
    Hi, I will have to check as I am not at the farm where the furnace is located. I hope to be there in the next week or so. Thanks for trying to help me.
    January 28
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