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Mark Eatherton

Join the RPA for Hydronics Talk Saturday January 10 at 12 noon Eastern time for a conversation with industry icon, Dan Holohan. Yes, THAT Dan Holohan. If you'd like to join the conversation live, log in 15 minutes early to make sure you have a good solid connection and then listen in as Dan takes us through his years of contributions as an industry writer, educator and popular web site owner. The live presentation is open to anyone with an interest, and can be reached by going to Password is boilertalk at 11:45 AM Eastern time January 10th, If you miss the live feed, you must be a member of the RPA to review the archived program. At $300 per year for a contractor it is CHEAP compared to the value you will receive in return for joining. Thanks for your attention and I hope we see you LIVE next Saturday at 12:00 Noon Eastern. ME -


Mark Eatherton
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  • Henry
    Best wishes for the holiday season with health, joy and prosperity in 2017. I have to laugh about these experts that do radiant. The first thing the poster needs to do is get a proper header with balancing valves. One wants low water temperatures in the radiant. P/S is the only way to do radiant. The other poster that says that with a lower boiler flow rate, the secondary circuit will have a higher return temperature than the boiler return temperature??? There is no point of posing to correct any of this!
    December 2016


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