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hot rod


hot rod
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  • Hatterasguy
    Let's be honest. 98% of all systems out there are overpumped. It's easy to overpump. Your vaunted Alpha systems are overpumped 99% of the time. The sad part about this behavior is that the efficiency loss is simply ignored. The boiler runs fine and nobody is the wiser. Collectively, we should strive for getting the high efficiency systems to deliver on their promises. At the present time, most do not. The industry is in a mode whereby it is simply lying to its customer base. Nobody gets the claimed efficiency stated by the mod-cons unless the system is designed carefully from scratch by people who know exactly what they are doing. The ΔT pump can go a long way to improving the efficiency if the growing pains can be overcome. I'm optimistic that Taco will step up and slow the response rate of the VT and that will solve the problem that it has on low mass systems.
    September 30
  • ARsales1
    My name is Anthony Reikow and I'm the 62 year you keep referring to as Kid. Feel free to call me on my cell @ 267-907-5499.
    September 30
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    September 26
  • Peter_D
    Thank you for the posts, looks like I have everything under control for now I did everything that you guys suggested, plus i had almost new Grundfos circulator from old boiler so I have swap cartridges from regular circulator to stainless casing of the existing pump (I hope this is ok). Bleed the system and runned for .5 hr no more noise-silence is golden. My hydronic system with heat exchanger was never flushed after initial flushing @ time of the boiler replacement. There is lots of magnetic debris-rust any suggestions ?
    Thank you guys for all the knowledge and help.
    Ps: There is two pressure/ temperature gauges, one for boiler loop and one for heating side. Both read about 20 PSI Hot Thanks
    September 5
  • hot rod earned the Ninth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 9 years.
    August 27


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