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hot rod
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    Hot Rod, Rich drew a two pipe buffer it may essentially be the same thing you were advising and he also doesnt get my resistance I have to be wrong but i simply dont understand how this would function where the four port is intuitive,
    How would this hydraulically separate, how would it re heat the buffer or know when to not use the buffer thanks

    seems i cant post it from the buffer comment thread in a private msg

    but its basically s/r pipes going directly from boiler/ w pump to buffer, and a secondary pump coming off the supply and branching into riser while the return risers simply come down into the return line from boiler to buffer,
    since it turns out i will need a pump on each riser it would look more like four pumps coming off the boiler to buffer pipe and four returns coming down into the boiler to buffer return.
    Im staring at it muttering what goes into a tee must come out of a tee but dont think i really get how it will function at different time

    July 29
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