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Glycol heat loss

GarfieldGarfield Member Posts: 26
How much efficiency is lost by putting 30% glycol through a boiler like a Triangle Tube Prestige?  I understand glycol is inferior at heat transfer.  After lots of googling all I found was that you may need more feet per second through the exchanger.


  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    30% glycol

    Has roughly 93.5% of the specific heat that pure water does, so you need to pump about 7% more volume in order to transfer the same amount of BTUs. 
  • GarfieldGarfield Member Posts: 26
    7% more than minumum flow?

    So there's really no efficiency lost as long as you pump more water through the boiler?  The 399k boiler has a minimum flow of 19 gpm at full fire so is this the number i need to use?
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    minimum flow

    Would be 7% higher as well, so your 19 GPM becomes 20.3 GPM.  Is this piped with a hydraulic separator or closely spaced tees in a primary-secondary configuration?  If so (and assuming you don't have overly restrictive piping in that loop) you can usually use a 0010 or a Series 100 with the 399.
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