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A/C Startup

i have a new arcoaire 2ton 14 seer unit i installed last year and runs great. is there any special thing i should do when starting it this year.

sounds stupid but I'm asking because i may learn something i did not know.

also since i will be moving for a year next year the system may not be on for 2 years will starting it after not using it for 2 years be ok



  • EmpireEmpire Member Posts: 2,343

    I like to tell all my customers that it's a great Idea to have you system checked each year. You being in the business, can understand why. Things can happen from down time,....not necessarily from the mechanical side but from shifting pads, Ice build up etc... Even after you come back from your trip, check it out. run your trouble shooting skills to make sure pressures and temps are where they are supposed to be.

    Just a thought. Last year we had a customer who every winter locates to FLA. When they came back the A/C did not work at all. The system was under warranty. Arrived on the call, found out on lack of charge pressure switch. I know for a fact there were no leaks upon start up. Turns out after charging with nitrogen, heard a loud noise in the condensing unit. I mean it was a huge hole. Someone from across the pond was firing a .22 cal riffle and a ricochet went thru the seam on the front cover (which I didn't see) and into the condenser coil. We called the Police and from what they were saying there are many complaints of this all through the neiborhood. but they don't know from where. Police did a ballistic chudrectory I know I spelled it wrong) and it basically pointed to a house where the round came from. It was a direct shot not a riquochet. Kid got in trouble. Lucky he didn't kill someone.

    Mike T.
  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,143
    AC startup

    A crankcase heater would be a nice safety feature,also a loss of charge pressure control.Refrigerant migration sure damages a lot of compressors after a long shutdown
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