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My Hvac system not working

I have an airflo outdoor ac unit. One of the lawn mower guys tripped over my ac unit and stripped the wire that connects to the outdoor unit. When I reconnected the wire and turned on the ac, nothing seems to happen but I can hear the power of the unit turn on but the fan would not blow. When I went outside to check on the unit and press the manual button to see if the fan would turn on, it worked but when I release the button the fan stops. Can someone please help advice what is wrong? Or what I need to do?



  • SpenceSpence Member Posts: 316

    It sounds as if you're not getting a low voltage signal to the compressor contactor, the relay that energizes the compressor and OD fan simultaneously. Perhaps the mower severed the wires. Turn the high voltage off to the OD unit and call for cooling. You should see (+/-) 24 VAC across the two control wires. Does your indoor fan run?
  • KakashiKakashi Member Posts: 88
    edited July 2014

    When you reconnected the wires did you follow the wiring diagram? You may have tripped the fuse inside. Depending on what unit you have, you should have a 3 to 10 amp fuse on the circuit board. Looks like a car fuse and it is a car fuse.

    Just a guess
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