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Jake Myron's new book

Dan HolohanDan Holohan Posts: 11,944Moderator mod
My old friend, Jake Myron, who is one of the best steam men in the business just wrote a new book and you can get it here:

It covers steam heating in larger buildings. Jake is a master at solving problems in apartment buildings and this book covers it all. He and I prowled a lot of basements when he worked for the New York City Housing Authority and I recommend him to many people as a consultant after he retired from NYC. He's now retired from consulting and living in Florida. This book covers all of his years and it's well worth the price. Highly recommended!
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Hug your kids.


  • gerry gillgerry gill Posts: 2,421Member ✭✭✭
    Just ordered the e-book

    I'm sure i will learn many new things! Thanks for the heads up.

    Serving Cleveland's eastern suburbs from Cleveland Heights down to Cuyahoga Falls.

  • Dan HolohanDan Holohan Posts: 11,944Moderator mod

    He brings so many nuances to this subject. I was smiling (and remembering) all the way through. What a pleasure it was to spend time with him on a job. I was happy for him when he retired but sorry for myself.
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    Hug your kids.
  • clammyclammy Posts: 1,972Member ✭✭✭
    Knoweledgable gentlemen

    Many years ago i had the pleasure of speaking with Mr.Myron over the phone about a large home he had written a report on  and that i serviced regularly  he was a real nice gentlemen with a wealth of knowleedge .He remenbered the job complletlyeven though the report was about 4 or 5 years old when i recieved it but  who could forget 2 hb smith 13 section  pork chop boilers with external steam and mud drums they burnered 19 gph w pneumatic controls and a snow melt in wrought iron piping in the front driveway .Home was about 15 to 20 thounsond sq ft originally built in the early 1900 big money mansion when it was built .Nice to hear he's still on the sunny side of the grass peace and good luck clammy
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