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Old baseboard steam radiator cold

FurnaceladyFurnacelady Posts: 28Member
Big old home, 2nd floor, front bedroom, outside wall and 18 feet long. Absolutely no heat. Replace the vent which was stuck in the end of the enclosure, very tight. It was 1 inch tall type coin vent for steam. Located one and replaced that. I had gotten some air through it before, but not now. Cracked the union at the 1 1/2" valve and the valve got hot and there was much steam. Can't find any radiator that resembles this that has a baseboard enclosure like a slant fin. What could cause a blockage. I am thinking that that house settled in the front and the radiator is tilted away from this one pipe system and it filled with water. However, no water came out when valve union was cracked. I bet this thing weighs a ton. Any ideas?
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