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About tubing

billbill Member Posts: 429
I was a job today ( I thought I was done with this) and saw two tubing brands that I suspected were not barrier tubings. I tried to see the name of the red one and I think Infloor was the brand? Just dunno.

The other was a a dull white with no markings. I know this is not a lot to go on. The heat source is bradford white water heaters and have failed twice in the last ten years.  I know, great system. It's the tubing thing that's first though.


  • SnowmeltSnowmelt Member Posts: 746
    Bad water

    From experience it's the water quality and envirement.

    The pex wouldn't matter on water heater if it is barrier or not.
  • hot rodhot rod Member Posts: 6,478
    non barrier tube

    should not cause a glass lined WH to fail. Plumbing pex is used all the time on water heaters and they see a daily influx of O2, every time you run a faucet.

    Hydronic expansion tanks are usually the first to fail from O2 ingress on heating systems.

    Are the tanks leaking, or corroded from continuous periods of condensing mode operation. Could be they are corroding from the outside in. How do the burners look when they fail? Are they covered with rust particles?
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • billbill Member Posts: 429
    Thanks for the input

    It just struck me as odd that one level would have barrier tubes and the other not. Also this water heater thing is a gem. These people have no cash shortage. Just thinking out loud.THX
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