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recommended NG Burner?

If you check out "Is my steam boiler way oversized?" on the Strictly Steam board, we're discussing downsizing my Burnham V908 by several sections since it is twice as large as it should be. If I have someone reduce it by 3 or 4 sections to make a V904 - V905 which would actually match my EDR, what would be the best gas burner for this setup? I'm tired of it gulping 600 gallons of oil a month. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I try to rein this behemoth in!
twice the boiler I need, short cycling, atrocious near boiler piping, excessive fuel consumption, water hammer name it I got it in my system O_o


  • Charlie from wmassCharlie from wmass Member Posts: 3,833
    the manufacturer has a burner listed for your boiler

    If you go to there website it is in the product literature. I think it is the carlin 201 gas burner but Burnham can confirm that. if you do remove the sections to down size the boiler it may change the burner selection. While not a cheap proposal it would be the better long term answer as when the boiler is shortened it can also be properly piped.
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  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 10,938
    In those sizes

    Burnham sells Beckett and PowerFlame gas burners. The PowerFlame line offers smaller units with low-high-low than the Beckett line does.

    Carlin and Midco make very good gas burners too.

    Not sure what brand of gas burner is popular out your way, but around here we see a lot of PowerFlame, with Carlin in second place.
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  • livinthesteamdreamlivinthesteamdream Member Posts: 41
    burner selection

    I'm open to what you're familiar with there, Frank, as I just want to end this boiler & oil expense nightmare! I'll meet with the gas company Monday, and then give you a call with the information. Sounds like we just need to decide what size to use piping in from the meter and what burner we're going with. Although, I may be oversimplifying things, I'm glad we finally have a game plan. I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate this site!
    twice the boiler I need, short cycling, atrocious near boiler piping, excessive fuel consumption, water hammer name it I got it in my system O_o
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