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Using condensate pump to shut off Maytag MGF1RC furnace

DaveDave Member Posts: 242
We just moved into a house with a Maytag MGF1RC100C furnace. It is AFUE 92.1%. Looking at it, I noticed the condensate pump is wired so that if the pump malfunctions, it will cut power to the thermostat and shut off everything.

The basement is unfinished.

I have a couple questions. Is this a condensing furnace? I don't believe it is. If not, does it produce a fair amount of condensate when heating? Our Aprilaire 400 humidifier that should not normally drain water into pump.

I don't want the entire heating system to shut down if the pump malfunctions. Is there a better way to wire it into control board of furnace? Maybe in series with Y wire from a/c?

Would a/c be the main contributor to condensate?



  • FurnaceladyFurnacelady Member Posts: 29
    Condensate pump

    It is a condensing furnace. Any thing over 80% is a condensing furnace. Unfinished basement you don't need it. Attic, 1st flr or crawl space you need it. If it is on the pump City code says it must be hooked up per manufacture instructions. You can disconnect it if you want and leave the wires in the blower compartment.
  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265

     (( Would a/c be the main contributor to condensate? ))

    You asked this question too late. Do you have AC? You need the condensate pump for the AC.
  • DaveDave Member Posts: 242
    Yes. I have since learned it is

    A condensing furnace. And we do have central a/c. I have rewired pump into furnace so it will shut down thermostat if pump malfunctions. It just makes me nervous to think we could be away and with no heat in winter
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