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Energy kinetics classic system 2000 problem

PraetorPraetor Posts: 4Member
I am having a problem with my oil burning energy kinetics furnace/classic system 2000 manager...I think. This is the problem I'm having:

Now that it is springtime weather, I turn down my thermostat, to 0 but I find that the rads are still heating up at separate times, cooling in between these times, yet the system 2000 manager hasn't any of the [indicator] lights on, one time I found the lights on, with the thermostat, again...still off! Is this normal? I can include pics of my system and what it's doing, if it helps
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  • KakashiKakashi Posts: 62Member

    Bad flow control valve? open zone valve? any lights on the right side of the board?

    bad t-stat? any lights on the left side of the board?
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  • PraetorPraetor Posts: 4Member
    Thanks for replying but...

    I'm afraid I don't know the HVAC lingo but I am mechanically inclined and a fast learner, given the right guidance, I've enclosed a pic if my system manager for the furnace, though, keep in mind, even though you see the lights on, on both sides of the board, the thermostat is actually disconnected, there are no calls for any zones in any part of the house (from the thermostat, that is). I wanted to see if this would shut the heat to the rads off [for the season], again any advice, guidance, and suggestions is very much appreciated
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  • Jim HankinsonJim Hankinson Posts: 68Member ✭✭
    System 2000 manager

    It looks like the system is running to  make hot water. If it is and the pipe for the heat zone is hot it usually indicates that the zone valve is allowing water to bypass. Repair or replace the valve.
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  • PraetorPraetor Posts: 4Member
    Zone valve

    Which is the zone valve? Can I pick one up at Home Depot or Lowes, or what have you?

    Thanks a million guys, I was stuck with a tech that didn't seem to know what he was doing without talking to another tech over his phone and it cost me $175, just so he can remove the thermostat wire.
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  • chapchap70chapchap70 Posts: 131Member
    Call the company back

    If you spent $$ and the problem remains, they should make good because the diagnosis was wrong.  Ask for a different tech who knows the boiler.
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  • TeeSeeTeeSee Posts: 10Member
    EK problem

    From the picture I think you have two zone valves on a classic manager. All the lights are bright, not dim, so I would consider the manager ok.

    Check your zone valves to see if one has a stuck motor. Usually EK units use Honeywell V8043 zone valves and the motors are easily replaced. Carefully touch the pipes above the valves, the one that is warm is the culprit. When the hot water calls, the circulator just pumps away, so a partially open zone valve will allow the zone to circulate and the radiators to get hot. If you have long zones those pipes may not be hot. Check the manual lever on the valve. It should retract all the way back to the close position or teasing the lever might allow the motor to retract back. Worse case the rubber sealing ball inside the valve is disfigured and will not seal properly. This is rare and I only see it on systems that have neglected antifreeze in them.
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  • PraetorPraetor Posts: 4Member
    I wanna thank everyone for your advice, suggestions and opinions...

    Thanx Kakashi, Jim Hankinson and TeeSee for pointing out the possble basis of my problems, because of such I found these:

    chapchap70 I called the service company up again and reported the same problem and how unhappy i was with their service, they suggested signing a service contract with them to get the full benefits of warranties and not having to worry about anything, after explaining, again but slowly, how unhappy i was with the tech and what he did, I received a re-imbursement check from them last week.

    I'm going to do my homework in local HVAC companies, as a stand by, I'm going to attempt to look into the [heating] zone valve, to see if I have to repair or replace the "offending" valve and attempt to do one of the two an extent, if it gets to be beyond me, I'll call in a better tech maybe from NEMSI, but, as a DIYer, things are cheaper if you can do them yourself ...carefully of course. 

    Thanks again, everyone. You all did more of a great service then an actual tech could have...a round of beers on me, CHEERS!
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