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Adding cast iron baseboard to one-pipe steam system

NJSteamhouseNJSteamhouse Posts: 23Member
I just purchased a 2' section of Weil McClain CIBB with 3/4" taps to add to a small bathroom on the second floor that currently has no heat. I have a 1-1/4" steam pipe that ends under the bathroom floor where I'd like to add the baseboard.

How do I pipe between the 1-1/4" supply line and the baseboard? Do I bring the 1-1/4 up through the floor to the baseboard and than drop the size down to 3/4" or should I drop the size down before going up through the floor? And where do I add a valve; before or after the bushing?

Is it even possible to use this 2' baseboard on a one-pipe system? I read some comments about piping it 2-pipe and attaching it back to the supply line. That would be difficult for my situation since currently the 1-1/4" pipe is in a joist bay and the end of the radiator would be in a separate bay and I'd rather not drill through the joists for this. My assumption was that I could just pipe into one side of the baseboard and install it tilted back like a radiator. Then the condensate would flow back toward the pipe.

Thanks for your help.
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