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superstor or amtrol

EricEric Member Posts: 30
I'm putting in a indirect, so I've been doing some research trying to decide what to get. Both tanks seem to have a reputation for leaking in the past, so i was wondering if they fixed the issues.


  • EricEric Member Posts: 30
    after more reveiw

    After doing a lot more searching i have decided on the htp superstor. My next question would be about the size do i need a 30 or 45? I will be using a Biasi B3 boiler, 1 bath room in the house and the biggest user of hot water is the big tub ( it uses 3 gal a min. just on hot. My hot water now is tankless in the boiler so i have no idea what size to get. The tub would pull the water through the boiler than the water would heat up so i never opened it all the way. my cold water sets in a tank next to wood stove so the water is at 60 most of the time.
  • Big EdBig Ed Member Posts: 792
    Size to the biggest load

    Size the tank to the biggest load , Either how much water to fill the tub or length of shower . Say tub size is 50 gallon your not going to fill to top ,40 gallon would work..To figure shower its GPM x time ....Say you have 2.5 GPH flow rate shower head and you take a 15 min shower , 2.5gphx15m= 37.5 gallon tank , To figure flow rate take a 5 gallon bucket open shower and time how many gallons in a min ...
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
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