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Steam/Water heat service in Providence RI area

Robert_HRobert_H Member Posts: 135
Some friends from the Providence RI area are having some problems with their heating system: noise, leaking radiator and insufficient heat problems. they are not sure if they have steam or HW. But they have radiators and think there boiler is about 10 years old.

Id like to hook them up with someone reputable and didn't see anyone in Providence in "Find a Contractor". But some in MA not too far away.

Anybody interested or have a recommendation?


  • In the meantime

    Get them to take some pictures of the boiler, and radiators, and post them here. This will enable some prediagnosis to take place.--NBC
  • Robert_HRobert_H Member Posts: 135
    Working on that

    thanks NBC,

    My wife and travel to PVD often to swing dance and these are some of our friends from there. Im going to try and meet up with them and get pics etc.
  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 3,550
    Save yourself a trip call me

    at 401-437-0557 I live in Riverside RI and will give you the number of a local company which is very qualified to look at that system.
  • Robert_HRobert_H Member Posts: 135

    Ill do that Tim.

    Thanks You
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