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New Inducers Needed

redphludredphlud Member Posts: 1

I have 2 Lennox Conservator III G16 units (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) that recently started giving me trouble and I was told I need new inducers for both, but I was quoted almost $1600 to replace the parts and that seems absolutely crazy to me when I do a search online for these parts. I would rather do it myself if I can save $1,000+; so I started looking at parts and instruction online. And I am having difficulty in knowing exactly what parts to replace with. It appears that each of the 2 furnaces has a different motor -- both motors' labels say part #: 26G4201; but each one looks a little different, they are a different make, and list different specs (The upstairs furnace is an Emerson 1.4 AMP, 1/25 HP vs. the downstairs furnace Fasco 1.5 AMP, 1/30 HP). All I see online with this part number seems to match only the downstairs inducer's specs but I cannot even find one matching the upstairs' Emerson. Out of the parts I do find, the prices vary greatly depending who is selling it. Can anyone point me in the right direction on exactly what I need or how I can find this information? Thanks so much!


  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    You found it:

    You already found it.

    It's $10.00 for the parts. The rest is knowing which parts are needed and how to replace them.
  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 858
    That is

    The motor only. You want the whole inducer assembly. The lennox book that came with your furnace may have a complete parts break down in it. It is next to imposable to get the inducer wheel off the old motor.
  • Brp814Brp814 Member Posts: 20
    G16 Inducers

    Replacing the inducers is one thing, but how old are both furnaces? Are the bolts that hold the assembly to the flue pouch rusted? If they are, they will probably break off, thereby making you replace the flue pouch too. Make sure you have the gaskets for both the smoke pipe transition, and the induced draft assembly itself. What size furnaces do you have 50, 75, 100,or 125? I believe that the 50,and 75 may require a new pressure switch too. As you can see there is a lot more into it than just replacing the assemblies. I speak from experience with this particular furnace. We don't have a lot out there anymore, and what we do are about 20yrs old. Time to replace soon. Lennox will probably stop stocking parts very soon, hence the high price of the parts.
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