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heat ducts leak water. Have a boiler system

Mac222Mac222 Member Posts: 1
I recently started having a problem with my boiler causing my heating ducts to leak water from the vent.  Can someone tell me what would cause this.  The air handlers have been off lately because the temp in this building gets really hot. 

Need help



  • Leaky ducts

    I presume you have coils in the ducts fed from a boiler for heat. What sort of system is it-hot water or steam?

    There must be a leak in the coil or it's connections. Can you see anything by removing the grill, or some other access panel in the ductwork?--NBC
  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    isolation ....

    of system fault would be the best bet.

    if you have multiple air handlers with individual coils , water leaking out of a specific 'Vent" i'd likely isolate that zone and pressure test it , use the Go Pro ultrasound to pin point the leak. gate that unit off with a bypass ahead of the gates and turn the system back on . and check what if any other damage may have occurred .

    if there is one big air handler , then the coil /s may have one leak . that's it.

    hope that helps

    *~//: )
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