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Maintaining Heat System

Ben333Ben333 Member Posts: 1

I am just a homeowner looking to maintain my current system as long as possible without problems.  We had a new heating system put in ten years ago.  I noticed that when the heat came on last week, there was a pint/oily smell at first and the circulator pump was making a strange noise.

I have a Bell and Gosset pump and I lubricated it using the proper lubricant by putting about 5-7 drops in the two vertical funnels/straws on top.  It does sound better than before, for now.

I was wondering if there is anything else I should do for the system?

I always bleed the radiators.  Should I also drain the circulator pump by opening the valve located directly beneath it?  If so, how much water should I allow to come out and once I drain it, is there anything I need to do like add water somehow?

Thank you very much,

Ben :)


  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 3,764
    edited October 2013
    Have your system

    looked at by a professional. One way to know if they are giving you a good service check, ask them if they are going to do a combustion test. If not then get someone who will do that test.

    By the way it is not a good idea to change any of the water in your system once the system is filled and pressurized it does not let any air in so no need to bleed or change any water. That Bell and Gosset pump should be lubricated with 10W-30 oil and there are three locations for oil two on the motor and one on the housing for the impeller.
  • Jean-David BeyerJean-David Beyer Member Posts: 2,510
    That Bell and Gosset pump should be lubricated with 10W-30 oil and there are three locations for oil two on the motor and one on the housing for the impeller.

    I used to have one of those 3-piece circulators (not B&G), and it recommended 10 drops in each of the motor bearings, and 20 drops in the pump bearing every month. I did that the first year, and the next year the technician warned me that that was way way too much. He suggested using that much once a year at the start of each heating season. Oil was coming out and getting into some rubber mounting blocks, and would surely rot them in time.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    3-piece circulators

    should be lubricated once per season with non-detergent single grade oil.

    Some manufacturers recommend 30 weight, others recommend a turbine oil (ISO 68, which is slightly thicker than 20 weight and equivalent to 20W.)  A few years back, we switched to using Mobil DTE26, which has additional wear additives needed to keep old babbitt bearings happy.  McMaster-Carr item# 2158K13 (one gallon.)
  • Ezrio315Ezrio315 Member Posts: 3
    Heat System

    Yes, you should be lubricated your heating system with non-detergent single grade oil and also think about combustion test of your water heating system.
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