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Lost A Very Good Friend

this past Thursday

   My very good friend Tyrome Harris died early Thursday morning. Just released 6 weeks ago from the hospital for a massive heat attack age 44. Fell out of a tree trying to cut down a broken limb. He was always willing to help and never ask nor expect nothing in return. I love him like a son. Had a long father / son talk with him when he got out of the hospital. Told him he needed to cut back on the hard liquor and young women. He just-ed grinned at me and said dad " you don't live for ever "

  I will miss my little buddy, He was a great pipe fitter, damn good cook, good welder, great diesel mechanic but most of all a friend: A man I had respect for and that's hard to find any more. Tyrome was a young wet behind the ear black man from lower Alabama when I first meet him. He hated the word Afro/American so out to respect to him I use the word black man


  I hired him one early August morning and after a week working for me. I overheard him talking to some of the other fellas in the back how he thought I was prejudice, ole Anthony Long just replied it will be okay kid he Is just a mean ole sob to everybody. I will see you one day again my friend.


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