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Will it work?

hairballhairball Member Posts: 19
Will one of the wall unit condensing boilers work with cast iron radiators?


  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,524
    You betcha...

    If it is piped to specs. Furthermore it is a match made in heaven.
  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 6,380
    Radiators and new boiler

    It's a perfect combination of high mass radiators, and a modern condensing boiler. However, the cheaper look-a likes from the big box store may only be water-heaters, which will not work as boilers.--NBC
  • hairballhairball Member Posts: 19

    Who makes the better condensing boilers?
  • hairballhairball Member Posts: 19
    one more thing for now

    Some of the boilers I am looking at rated by input. How will I now what the output is. Right now I have a gas conversion burner that set up with 100,000 input would the condensing burner be about the same.
  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,187
    Heat loss

    The only way to correctly size a boiler is to do a heat loss calc.

    The output is the input derated by efficiency.

    A 100,000 BTU boiler that is 90% efficient would have an output  of 90,000 BTU at sea level.

    Lochinvar,Triangle tube and Viesmann  are some good choices.

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • hairballhairball Member Posts: 19

    Thanks for the help everyone.

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